Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Round One: Harry Potter

Regarding the recent challenge of Harry Potter in the Atlanta area school district, the hearing officer "strongly recommends" that the books remain in Gwinnett County public school libraries.

In addition:
Media review panels from J.C. Magill Elementary, where Mallory's children attend school, and the school system already ruled the books should remain. Both panels are composed of parents, community members and school system staff.
I think this is all over, folks. Insert your favorite quidditch or Voldemorte reference here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Mallory hasn't read any Harry Potter book in its entirety.

I think this is a key statement. How can you make judgements about a book or series of books (or any media) without fully experiencing the book? I have read each of the HPs at least 3 times (except 6, I can't go through that again) and my Christian beliefs have not changed. Heck yeah, I wanna be a witch or a wizard. I wanna apparate to work, move objects just by thinking about it, change mice into teacups. But do I want to study wiccan, no. Yes, I am an adult, but none of the kids I know that have read HP want to study Wiccan or learn to "be a witch".

3. The books depict good vs. evil, and good wins.

The most important line in all the books is:
“Soon we must face the choice between what is right and what is easy.”

The lesson in the books is just that. Making a choice between right (hard) and easy (wrong/bad).

Let's just hope the school board doesn't take the easy way out.

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